Fam!! We're excited to announce that for every order received in the month of November, we are matching a donation of infant and youth clothing to an awesome non-profit located in Brooklyn named Little Essentials. They specialize in getting these items as well as other urgently needed children’s supplies to families and kids who need them most. Want to learn more about the motivation for this project? Read the note below from our founder, Jon. Much love!! 🖤
Earlier this year my wife and I were fortunate enough to welcome a baby boy into our lives. He's the light of our lives. Having a baby has been THE MOST WILD experience of my life! It's exhilarating, exhausting, and incredibly humbling (btw huge shoutout to my wife for carrying him for nine months - pregnancy is nuts!). Anyway, as we head into the colder months of the year here in NYC I found myself constantly thinking about how there are innocent babies and kids who's families are enduring some very real times - i.e. families in poverty. This means things that most of us take for granted such as having warm clothes in the winter can be scarce. So I started asking myself why not do something about it? I've been fortunate enough to build this growing brand - why not use it to do some good? So for the month of November we are testing this mission. As mentioned above, for every order received this month we are donating infant and youth clothing to Little Essentials over in Brooklyn so that we can play a small part in helping some kids and families get the basics they need to get through the winter months. Keep in mind this is only possible because of YOU so we thank you for your support. Assuming this mission goes well, we will consider tying more missions to our shop and hopefully make it a permanent part of our identity as a brand. We thank y'all again and we're excited to see what we accomplish together. We willl keep you updated on our progress as this month unfolds!

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