BTS & Steve Aoki Release A Star-Studded Video For “Waste It on Me”

BTS & Steve Aoki Release A Star-Studded Video For “Waste It on Me”

BTS’ first full English single.

At the end of October, BTS debuted their first full English single “Waste It on Me” featuring Steve Aoki, who worked with the group on “Mic Drop” and previously called BTS “one of the most exciting and inspiring group of guys” he has met in recent years. Finally, BTS and Aoki have decided to release a video for their most recent record.

BTS and Steve Aoki’s “Waste It on Me” video distinctly boasts appearances by popular actors and comedians such as: Ken Jeong, Jimmy O. Yang, Ross Butler, LEonardo Nam, Jamie Chung and several others. “Waste It on Me” was released as part of Aoki’s Neon Future III studio album, which also featured contributions from Lil Yachty, Blink-182, Daddy Yankee, Bill Nye and others.

“We’re happy for this meaningful and heart-felt collaboration,” BTS recently shared in an official press statement. “The song is just so amazing, we really enjoyed working on it. It’s our first song that is entirely in English. It was refreshing and fun to record the song. We hope this would be a good present for our fans.”

Check out BTS and Steve Aoki’s new “Waste It on Me” video up top!

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