Maggie Rogers Makes Her SNL Television Debut: Watch

Maggie Rogers Makes Her SNL Television Debut: Watch

The Rising Talent Performed “Fallingwater” and “Light On”

Maggie Rogers was re-introduced to the world last night by way of Saturday Night Live (note: she made here official Television debut in February 2017 via 'Fallon' - catch it here). Though her SNL performance sparked some internet controversy, Rogers will undoubtedly prevail as a promsing light of talent that will outshine other artists currently on the rise. Watch her performance of "Fallingwater" at last night's airing of Saturday Night Live up top.

So, who is this rising pop-phenomenon and how did she end up in SNL's stacked lineup of artist performances for its 44th season? In 2016, at just 21 years old, Rogers quickly gained recognition after a video clip of her song "Alaska" left Pharrell Williams in awe circulated the internet. At the time, Rogers was enrolled in NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music where her and her classmates were graced with an opportunity to meet Pharrell. Students played their work for Williams and received first hand feedback on their music projects, however, when Rogers played her song "Alaska" for the music-god, he replied, "Wow, I have zero notes for that. . . I’ve never heard anyone like you before.” Catch the special moment in the video below.

Pharrell pointed out that it's the fusion of her folk-background with pop music, combined with her song-writer story-telling ability that makes Maggie's music unique. Maggie Rogers grew up in a rural area of Maryland and developed an affinity for folk music and banjo playing (yes, she played the banjo, that's not a joke!). While taking a couple years off from making music at NYU, she experienced some spiritual moments involving dance music while studying abroad in France - these moments proved to leave an indelible mark on her development as an artist. She consequently began combining her roots in folk-music with dance and pop-music, which ultimately rendered the signature sound of Maggie Rogers that we're experiencing today.

Maggie Rogers' debut album 'Heard It in a Past Life' is set for release in early 2019. Listen to the song that caught Pharrell's attention, plus the songs she performed at last night's SNL show below via Spotify.

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